Surviving Timberlawn - Join the Conversation

As Pat says, “There are no reunions for people like us.”

People who have been in mental institutions and people who voluntarily admit themselves only to be pressured to commit to long-term treatment against their will. Surviving Timberlawn was born of her journey to healing, in an effort to bring together people who have experienced similar abuse.

We’ve created a secret Facebook Group where you can safely and privately share your experiences with the community.  No one can see that you’ve joined, or what you post. To be a part of the group, click here (you’ll need to be logged into Facebook). If that doesn’t work, use the Contact Us form to get in touch and we’ll be sure to add you.

Though the group is created with a focus on those who experienced similar injustices, specifically at Timberlawn Hospital in Dallas, it is a place for anyone surviving this kind of trauma to connect.

You can also find us on Twitter, where the conversation is a little more public. We’re tweeting from @ThorntonSqProds with the #SurvivingTimberlawn hashtag. More to come on the conversations we’ll have in that space to shed light on this all-too-common occurrence.

There may not be reunions, but now there’s a place to connect, to talk with others who’ve been through what you have, and to find the community support you’ve been missing. We hope you’ll join us.